Iroha Nature Solidarity

Our pink ampoules help fight against breast cancer 

Our ampule, the Pink Beauty Shot, is a cosmetic product for a good cause to support the fight against breast cancer since its launch on the market. 

How does it work? A percentage of the profits from the sale of this product will go to organisations that contribute to international oncological research in Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and France. 

What is #irohanaturesolidarity? 

Through the Iroha Nature Solidarity, you can keep up to date with all the initiatives and projects that we carry out at Iroha Nature, taking into account the needs and concerns of our community and clients. 

We want to act in a sustainable manner in all our internal and external spheres of influence, and therefore, as part of our commitment to society, we collaborate with foundations and NGOs, mainly by giving financial support to initiatives that are linked to the field of development, education, health and integration. 

Causes with which we have collaborated so far 

Art and love as universal languages ​​with ARTISTLOVE

ARTISTLOVE Association is a non-profit organization that promotes social transformation through artistic interventions and personal and community development throughout the world. It is in the register of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the City Council of Barcelona since 2014. Its work focuses on co-designing social, creative and artistic initiatives both in Barcelona and internationally.

We, like ARTISTLOVE, believe that art and love are universal languages ​​that unite all cultures and passion is the driving force that moves us as individuals and allows us to develop as such. For this reason, we collaborate with them in their projects, which range from vocational self-realization workshops, participatory art, mural art, with social education as a backdrop.

We love that they are an entity that trusts the potential and diversity of its participants (children, youth and community groups) and their capacity as creative human beings; able to transform themselves and their environments.

We have collaborated with the Spanish Red Cross in the campaign "Your rights at stake"

Coinciding with Christmas 2018, we participated in a campaign that helped provide toys for children. 

With our donation and other companies’ contributions, a total of 66,500 toys were purchased during the festive period for more than 24,000 vulnerable and underprivileged children. 

The Red Cross campaign “Your rights at stake” was the project that made it possible for so many children to have a better time at Christmas. 

We put smiles on their faces with
Elssomriure Pallassos d'Hospital 

We have collaborated with Elssomriure Pallassos d’Hospital, a charming group of volunteer clowns who work with enthusiasm to lift sick children’s spirits at the Hospital de Calella. 

With their humorous acts, they were able to bring the most beautiful smiles to the little ones’ faces and shared joyous moments with the patients and hospital professionals. The little ones especially enjoyed the entertainment provided by “elsSOMriures”. 

Risonancy Magnética, Txiringa, Txispas, Rudi Grafia and Globula Rosa were in charge of visiting every ward and and filling the place up with their colourful dances and stories. You can find them at the Pediatrics, in the Oncology Hospital, outpatient department of Pediatrics, waiting rooms, UCSI and Day Hospital. 

We fight against breast cancer 

with the Fero Foundation 

We have joined forces through beauty and cosmetics, in the week in which the International Breast Cancer Day is celebrated. To do our part for a good cause that affects us all, 100% of the profits from the sales on our website in October 2018 were given to the Fero Foundation to help oncological research. This is something that we had already undertaken in 2016, when we donated a percentage of the sales of our Q10 mask to the Foundation. 

The protagonists of our history are women. Therefore, one of our main commitments is the fight against breast cancer, so that we can all continue smiling and enjoying life. 

Women are our inspiration when it comes to creating and choosing the causes that matter to us and can contribute to creating a better world. This is why since our collaboration with the Yo Dona women magazine and breast cancer research organisations, such as Fundación Oncológica FERO, we continue to support social initiatives. 

We have sponsored the Dissantes de Mataró

In 2018, Iroha Nature participated as a sponsor of Dissantes de Mataró, the fiesta that the Maresme Foundation and the Santi Project, together with the City of Mataró organised within Les Santes, the largest festival in Mataró, to inform the citizens about what we do and how people live with intellectual disability. 

Always committed to charitable causes, Iroha Nature collaborates with the non-profit charity initiative that encourages the integration of people with intellectual disabilities, from the normalisation principles to self recognition. 

Our contribution will help the foundation’s work, based on generating a positive and realistic public attitude towards people with disabilities, encouraging the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities at an integral level, and raising awareness of the work carried out by the El Maresme Foundation in favour of this group.

We collaborate with the CEO Foundation from Maresme 

Every time we prepare a special delivery to our influencers or send them information about our products, packs, and campaigns, we have the help of the CEO Foundation of Maresme. The CEO is a Special Work Centre at the Maresme Foundation, whose purpose is the creation and maintenance of jobs for people with mental disabilities throughout the Maresme region. 

Our goal is to develop productive work, participating regularly in market operations and having the objective to ensure a remunerated job and the provision of personal and social adjustment services required by our employees in order to make an improvement in their quality of life. 

The work of the CEO is structured around the following: productivity, with the different areas of the project and the personal attention paid to the team of professionals at the Support Unit for Professional Activity (USAP).

Iroha Nature at the Telva Marathon

Iroha Nature sponsored the Sanitas TELVA marathon event, with 3000 entries in the third women’s edition. This was an important event with the sport that turned out to be a great success. 

The event was held at the Dehesa de Navalcarbó Sports Centre, where Iroha Nature gave the 3000 runners a welcome bag containing a foot mask. We were present on the race track and at the awards ceremony (racers’ numbers, start-finish arch, exit-arrival-relay signs, at the backstage awards ceremony, signage and delivery numbers). 

The event stood out due to the high influx of people, the great atmosphere, the cheering audience, the closeness of people, and a lot of desire to enjoy a day in the company of friends or family.

The fight against breast cancer in Italy

Iroha Nature Italy participates in the fight against breast cancer in a collaboration with Ennergi Research, a non-profit association, which started on August 4th, 2017 with the purpose of promoting experimental research in the field of oncology, especially in the treatment of patients affected by breast or ovarian cancer. 

A special thanks to Dr. Serena Bertozzi Bertozzi, a senologist at Udine Hospital, and the Ennergi research association that gave us this wonderful opportunity. 

Our commitment

Iroha Nature has always supported international solidarity causes, through donations to associations and foundations for charitable purposes. But this is just the start. Our idea for the year 2019 is to participate in the many social initiatives as Corporate Social Responsibility is one of our priorities as a company.