Our Pink Solidary Ampoules

Our solidary ampoules:

Your Pink Beauty Shot

When you buy just 1 box of ampoules, IROHA NATURE will be able to put the money towards research against breast cancer. Join our pink ampoules to contribute to the fight against this disease that can affect us all. For IROHA NATURE, every support counts because even the smallest gesture can change everything. 

Together we are stronger
The fight against breast cancer can not and should not wait to be part of a woman’s life.
Do you want to join our fight? 

Where will your contribution go to when buy our ampoules? 

Foundation FERO Spain

Fero is a private foundation that aims to contribute to the development of oncological research. 

Thanks to the funding from individual donors, the foundation has set up numerous scientific research laboratories. 

The project places emphasis on transnational research, which means it transmits the results of basic research to the clinic. The integration between these two areas makes it possible to shorten the approval time of new drugs and helps patients to benefit more quickly from scientific advances against cancer. 

One of the main achievements of Fero has been the creation of the Breast Cancer Centre, which is unique in its specialty in Spain. Fero is also a promoter of the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), a leading international institution in the field of oncological research. 

Foundation Cris Cancer UK

By funding research through meaningful collaborations with The ICR London and other referral centres, CRIS has made a positive impact on the latest medical discoveries and makes a real difference in people’s lives. 

Currently, CRIS funds 12 large-scale research projects for cancer, 6 of which are related to childhood cancer and clinical trials. Since 2018, CRIS has been particularly focused on raising money for investing in the Immunotherapy research centre at The ICR London institute. Immunotherapy, which includes treatments that take advantage of the body’s immune system to destroy tumors, is at the moment one of the most important treatments in cancer research showing some excellent results. The institute and its hospital partner, The Royal Marsden, have both already played a crucial role in the development of immunotherapies for cancer patients. 

The CRIS objectives are: 
Investing in cutting-edge and advanced cancer-related research projects 

Research funding for rare forms of cancer 

Financing translation projects to obtain new and effective treatments 

Share the results of the research 

Giving hope to patients who have heard the terrible words: “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more we can do”. 

CRIS has been created for all those who believe in science and the future. It is for all those who feel that they are too weak to fight against cancer. Together we can be strong. Together we can invest in RESEARCH and LIFE. 

Foundation Umberto Veronesi Italy

In Italy, about 50,000 women get breast cancer every year. Scientific research has made great advances: today, if the cancer is diagnosed in the initial phase, the chances of recovery exceed by 90%. From the Fondazione Veronesi’s commitment in the last 10 years, the Pink is GOOD project has been created with two main objectives: to educate about prevention and to support the daily work of researchers. 

The Foundation’s daily progress has given renewed hope and is based on the vision of its founder Umberto Veronesi, a doctor who has dedicated his life to the development of innovative scientific knowledge in order to promote peaceful relations in the society. 

The Foundation supports scientific research by awarding research grants to doctors and researchers and financing high-profile projects that can develop new knowledge and treatments for diseases; it carries out prevention and education campaigns that promote the adoption of healthy lifestyles, in synergy with schools and with public and private organisations in the world of research, information and publication; it organises international conferences that talk about the future of science and the role that science can play in promoting people’s peace and well-being. 

Planning and concretion, passion and ongoing commitment: these are the “slogans” that have always represented the nature and vocation of our commitment. 

Foundation ARC France

With a solid national and international experience, the French ARC Foundation implements a scientific action determined to increase knowledge about all types of cancers, to develop new therapeutic solutions for patients and to strengthen research on cancer. 

The ARC Foundation specifically intends to accelerate the development of precision medicine (targeted therapies, immunotherapies, minimally invasive surgery, etc.) and improve the support for children and adolescents who are suffering from cancer. 

Its work is carried out independently and covers the entire national territory: guided by the general interest and scientific excellence, identifies, selects, finances and accompanies the promising research programmes. As a catalyst for research, the ARC Foundation joined other participants in the fight against cancer in France and abroad. 

The ARC Foundation also works to inform the public about the advances in research to help everyone prevent, manage and better understand the disease.